Marković: Hahn should take care of standards in his own country

“Enlargement Commissioner, Mr Johannes Hahn, should take care of the standards for settling social and housing needs in his own country, within the EU. We are going to act in the interest of our citizens. This isn’t the policy that requires standards, this is our national policy and our right”, said Prime Minister, Mr Duško Marković, when asked to comment on Mr Hahn’s statement that the European Commission will examine the question of allocation of apartments to public functionaries in Montenegro, warning that such practice isn’t common in the EU Member States.

Mr Marković said he wasn’t sure about the context of the statement.

“We are dealing with housing issues of everybody. We are building apartments for pensioners, healthcare employees, education staff, Ministry of Defense staff… We have settled over 1550 housing issues for two years”, said Mr Marković.

Mr Marković also commented on the statement produced by the Commission of the Faculty of Law which has established that Professor Bojana Lakićević Đuarnović unlawfully “borrowed” 97,77% of her former student’s scientific paper.

Mr Marković said that if it is true, Ms Lakićević Đuranović will be withdrawn from working groups tasked with EU negotiation activities.



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