Marković: It’s important that NATO and EU stay committed to the region

Although it isn’t necessary to elaborate on the importance of NATO and EU for the WB, it is however essential to emphasize the importance of their joint commitment to this region, said the Prime Minister, Mr Duško Marković, at the opening of 9th To be Secure Forum in Budva.

It is important, he said, to keep supporting democratic powers, especially if we have in mind that integration processes are the core and main drive of democratic and reform processes.

“It’s important that most important addresses convey a clear message – there are no alternatives. NATO and EU stand together with the WB countries. Every failure to show commitment creates space for third countries expressing interest in this region to use the weaknesses of the countries and endanger their integration journey”, said PM.

In the year of the 70th anniversary of NATO, the agenda of the Alliance is full of challenges, old and new ones.

Prime Minister pointed out that the Alliance had devoted special attention to the WB region, which is of utmost importance for us.

Mr Marković has very firm beliefs that North Macedonia is soon going to become NATO member. He thinks it is very important that Bosnia and Herzegovina has submitted its first Membership Action Plan.

“As the youngest NATO member, Montenegro is actively promoting open door policy. We do that through bilateral support and within regional initiatives and cooperation mechanisms, such as US-Adriatic Charter and Ionian trilateral. We are ready to keep assisting our neighbors and share our experience and lessons with them”, said Mr Marković.

He spoke about Montenegro’s EU accession and said that we were very motivated and committed to this objective.

“The Government is focused on reforms and development agenda on a daily basis. EU membership is not the only reason but also the values of democratic and free society we need in order to provide progress and prosperity for our citizens and our state”, said PM.

He is glad that the European Commission has recognized overall work and effort, robust economic growth and the results achieved in the fight against organized crime and corruption.

“Since we are aware of the importance of the individual progress of every candidate country, we advocate for greater progress of every country in the region. We hope that the Council will adopt date of the opening accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania”, said Mr Marković.

He pointed out that Montenegro appreciated every form in which the Union is present and committed – through investments, donations or support in negotiations.

“Despite all those serious issues that the Union is currently dealing with, we are convinced that it won’t give up on the most successful EU policy – enlargement policy”, said Mr Marković.

The 9th 2BS is held under the auspices of the Government of Montenegro. The participants will discuss questions of vital importance for the safety of Euro-Atlantic community.

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