Marković: The epidemic didn’t stop projects in Montenegro

Montenegro’s Prime Minister, Mr Duško Markovuić, was in his working visit to Nikšić today. He pointed out that no project had stopped during the coronavirus pandemic.

“During the coronavirus crisis, when we were completely focused on our citizens’ health, we put in extraordinary efforts and no investment was suspended. They are all underway. Montenegro is developing, and Montenegro has no limits. I want to remind our citizens that we are not going to give up, that pensioners and employees will have their salaries on a regular basis”, PM said.

According to Mr Marković, only 900 were left jobless.

“We have created subsidy program for new employments. We expect new six-month effect and the Government is ready to extend it for the next six months”, Mr Marković said.

Road to Vilusi – in accordance with the highest European standards

PM expressed satisfaction with his visit to Nikšić and said that reconstruction of the Nikšić-Ilino brdo  and Trubjela-Vilusi sestions was the confirmation of our development potentials and capacities.

“Today, that has special symbolism as it demonstrates we are developing Montenegro, putting it on pedestal, creating conditions for better life of our citizens. I have many reasons to be happy to be here today”, Mr Marković said.

PM also mentioned the project of Cetinje- Nikšić road.

“That will be one of the best regional roads which will bring Nikšić closer to the coastline. In one month, we are going to start works on boulevard Komanski most – Danilovgrad which will bring Nikšić closer t Podgorica, seaside and airport in Podgorica”, PM said.

Government will finance road towards Župa

Mr Marković visited road towards Župa Nikšićka, reconstruction of which is underway.

“Two kilometers have already been finished. The rest is Government’s duty. I confirm today that we are going to finance this reconstruction”, PM said.

Satisfaction with the vision of local self-government in Nikšić

PM expressed his satisfaction with the actions and vision of the local self-government in Nikšić, headed by the president of the municipality, Mr Veselin Grbović.




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