Marković travels to Vatican to meet with Pope Francis

On 14 December, Montenegro’s Prime Minister, Mr Duško Marković, will be in his official visit to the Holy See, where he will hold talks with Pope Francis.

Mr Marković will also have meetings with the Secretary for Relations States, Mr Paul Gallagher. He will also visit Historical Archives and meet its director, Mr Johan Iks.

Government representatives say that Mr Marković’s visit to Vatican is aimed at further strengthening already stable political relations and highest-level dialogue.

“Fundamental agreement between Montenegro and the Holy See, signed in June 2011, represents platform for deepening and improving overall inter-state relations. Two parties attach great importance to its full application and thus organize regularly sessions of the Mixed Commission in order to discuss bilateral questions and other questions relevant to catholic community and Catholic church in Montenegro”, said Government representatives.

Visit to Vatican will enhance cooperation between the two states, especially in the domain of political dialogue. They will discuss the possibility for Pope Francis’ visit to Montenegro.

“Fundamental agreement between Montenegro and the Holy See regulates the most important segments of bilateral relations. Therefore, activities related to its implementation are expected to become more dynamic”.

Mr Marković’s official visit to the Holy See means continuation of the highest level talks, based on the principles of mutual respect, tolerance and understanding.

“At the same time, this visit is a chance to highlight how important it is for us to cooperate with the Holy See and to demonstrate our resolve to pledge support for the opening of Holy See’s nunciature in Podgorica. The visit will confirm constructive approach to the implementation of the Fundamental agreement through regular sessions of the Mixed Commission”, concluded representatives of the Government.

Delegation of Montenegro will be headed by Mr Duško Marković.


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