Marković: We have ensured stability and prosperity

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the 41st Government of Montenegro, Prime Minister Duško Marković assessed that the Government started its mandate in an extremely challenging environment, i.e. in 2016 – the most challenging year for Montenegro in its recent history, but thanks to the dedicated work of the entire Government an excellent result has been achieved. Today Montenegro represents a large construction site, it’s more stable than ever, it has started accelerated economic development and upgrading of the living standard of its citizens.

“The entire 2016 was the most challenging year for Montenegro, first of all in terms of politics and security. We had also challenging years over the previous decades, but in that year we had the most brutal, most direct attack on the State, its institutions and its political system. It was the year in which the political will of the citizens of Montenegro was threatened to be changed in an undemocratic way, in order to halt its European and Euro-Atlantic perspective. I would say that the final goal was the loss and disappearance of Montenegro as a state. At that very moment, the Government took over the mandate,“ said PM Marković in an interview with the national broadcaster TVCG.

“These two years have been demanding, complex, risky, but I really do not want to be subjective, and I want to say that the Government and its team responded to these challenges in a sustainable way. Today we can talk about Montenegro that is politically stable and secure, and that has such an international reputation that it has never had before and, of course, extraordinary economic performance for the future,” emphasized PM Marković.

NATO membership is the greatest success since referendum

However, PM Marković assessed that the last year’s Montenegro’s accession to NATO has been the greatest success of his government, stating he considers it to be the greatest achievement since the country’s referendum that restored its independence.

“There is no greater success for Montenegro in the last decade or in the past 12 years – since independence, than NATO accession.“

Prime Minister underlined the fact the country’s membership in NATO has increased investments from all over the world.

As for the European integration of Montenegro, Marković noted that country’s progress towards the European Union (EU) membership goes in line with the dynamics that is realistic.

In 2019 we will continue with the development, creation of  job opportunities

Answering to questions from the economic sphere, Prime Minister called in mind the excellent results of the Government, saying that it managed to stabilise the public finance, correct the economic position of the State and, most importantly, to ensure high economic growth.

When asked about the economic projections, especially about the next year’s budget, he said that he himself and his Government guarantee security, regularity of salaries and pensions, more money for education, health system, and, of course, the development of the country.

On the idea of possible new crisis measures, the Prime Minister clearly and categorically said NO.

Prestigious ski resort soon on Bjelasica

As for the developments of the northern part of Montenegro, i.e the new Winter Centre Kolašin 1600, PM said: “This Government has been focused on the development of the north in order to ensure a balanced development of the whole country, particularly the valorisation of indisputable resources in the north. To date, we have invested €13m here.“

Strongly initiated agriculture production, new investments through economic citizenship

Montenegro has launched strong agricultural production over the past two years, said Marković and added: “I was particularly satisfied with the fact that in the second quarter of 2018, we had growth of 8.8% in agriculture. We haven’t had such a growth for a long time.“

Prime Minister said he expects the additional sums of money to enter Montenegro on the basis of the applicants for Montenegrin citizenship by investment, which aims to further stimulate investments and their acceleration.

Good dynamics and quality of work on the Bar-Boljare motorway construction

As for the Bar-Boljare motorway construction, PM Marković noted: “I want to send a message that with the completion of the first motorway priority section, we are immediately to start the construction works on the next one – most probably with the European funds, i.e. with funds of those who offer the best conditions.”

Tara river is not endangered

When asked to comment on the allegations that the motorway construction has been representing a threat to the Tara River, Prime Minister Duško Marković said such claims are not true, that Tara will be preserved and will remain on the UNESCO list, as well as that the motorway will be constructed.




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