Media campaign against Montenegro: Not even Goebbels did this

After pro-Serbian tabloids in Montenegro yesterday reported that ‘the Army of Montenegro defended its people and that some soldiers backed the Serbian Orthodox Church in protecting shrines’, several Serbian tabloids, that have been conducting a media campaign against Montenegro for a long time, have reported the news in their own way – by spreading fake news and exaggerating.

Some of the headlines were ‘MONTENEGRIN ARMY RALLIED AGAINST MILO’S DICTATORSHIP! More than 120 soldiers and officers signed the petition supporting the church!’, ‘EVEN THE ARMY OF MONTENEGRO BACKED THE SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH: More than 120 soldiers defended the shrines!’, ‘The Army of Montenegro showed resistance to Milo, backed the people and is defending the shrines’…

Montenegro’s defense minister Mr Predrag Bošković reacted on these titles, tweeting: “Such a campaign carried out by Serbian and Montenegrin tabloids not even Goebbels [Nazi Germany’s propaganda chief] used to do.“



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