Merkel and Macron want to build up momentum for dialogue

Merkel i Makron

German Chancellor, Angela Markel and French President, Emmanuel Macron, would like to build up the momentum towards normalizing relations between Serbia and Kosovo that is being carried out under the auspices of the EU.

Germany and France hosted the Summit of the Balkan six and the EU which was held in Berlin last week and where they spoke about the continuation of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.

Asked if the fact that Germany and France directly involved into settling Kosovo problem means that these two states aren’t satisfied with the EU effect, spokesman of the federal government says that both states endorse the continuation of the dialogue.

Spokeswoman of the European Union, Maja Kocijančić, pointed out yesterday that the Head of the European Diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, remained the only mediator in the dialogue.

She points out that she appreciates any engagement in endorsing the dialogue, including the new meeting, and she also stresses that Mrs Mogherini is accomplishing her mission very well.

Asked to comment on the EU views, representatives of the German Government said they were collaborating with Brussels.

“Both President Macron and German Chancellor are fully endorsing the process of normalizing relations between Kosovo and Serbia, with the help of the EU”, concluded the representatives of the Government.

Mrs Merkel and Mr Macron took over the initiative at WB in the moment when elections are ahead. Last week’s Summit wasn’t a replacement of the Berlin process, but the opportunity for the exchange of opinions over the current situation in the region.


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