Milatovic’s “nyet” to the US

Jakov Milatović

By Andrej Nikolaidis, CdM columnist

So, President Milatovic decided to get us into fight with the United States.

Between cooperation with our most important ally and obedience to Aleksandar Vucic and serving his fixed idea of Serbia as a regional soft power empire, which will conduct DNA analyzes of ministers from the governments of neighboring countries and measure the amount of Serbdom in their genetic material – he chose the latter. Which, on the one hand, is logical: the president’s brother, if media reports are to be believed, runs a lucrative business in Serbia, not in the USA. So the president’s decision is possibly good for the Milatovic family. But not for Montenegro.

The President didn’t announce his choice after the meeting with Gabriel Escobar, while he was in New York. He waited until he returned to Podgorica, so that he could once again swear allegiance to the president of our northern neighbor. Just like his political role model, Momir Bulatovic, once did. He also listened to the Western plan for the former Yugoslavia at a conference in The Hague. And his interlocutors, just like Mr. Escobar after the meeting with Milatovic, had the impression that the Montenegrin president understood them. And then Bulatovic, just like Milatovic now, returned home and backed Milosevic. The consequences of that decision were gruesome: lost decades, years of sanctions, economic devastation of the country, fascism over Montenegrin society, hundreds of thousands displaced and dead, burned cities, genocide. https://www.bbc.com/serbian/lat/balkan-58420384

President Milatovic stated that no one, not even the former Democratic Front, could be excluded from the government in advance. It also means that neither the DPS can be cut out of it even though Milatovic didn’t want to say it. If no one can be excluded, then no party can be cut out.

Of course, Milatovic is trying hard to include the Front in the government, not the DPS. But, Milatovic, being the Front’s supporter, is in defiance of the post-election strategy of Europe Now, whose high-ranking official he is. That strategy is: no DPS, no Front.

No less important: the platform of PES – without the DPS and Front – is also the platform of the United States of America.

The DPS got significantly more votes than the Front. Then how is it possible that the non-entry into the government of the party with fewer votes is a betrayal of the will of the voters, while the non-entry of the party that received more votes is not?

Having in mind that the citizens voted so that the government can be formed without the two, it means that the United States is not advocating the change of the electoral will of the citizens, but its verification. It’s exactly the opposite: by pushing the Front into the government, President Milatovic changes the will of the citizens.

Above all: when expectations from the new Montenegrin government are expressed by the USA, the most important foreign political and military partner of Montenegro, it’s completely legitimate. When the president of a neighboring country, with which our country is not a partner either in NATO or in any other relevant military, political or economic alliance, tries to set up the Montenegrin government, through the President of Montenegro, it’s an inadmissible interference in the internal affairs of Montenegro.

Yes, the US is carrying out an imperial policy because they are a global empire. What other policy would they pursue? At the same time, Belgrade – the Balkan empire wannabe – is also pursuing the imperial policy towards Montenegro.

There’s a good joke about it. A parrot and a monkey traveled by plane. Parrot teases the pilot. After seeing it, the monkey does the same, but then the pilot throws them both out of the plane. During the fall, the monkey asks the parrot: what are we going to do now? The parrot replies: man, why were you acting all stuck when you can’t fly?

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