Milić: After Putin, Dodik brings Vučić biggest trouble

Montenegro is a civic-oriented country and that is why it managed to avoid all the things that happened to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other states, Jelena Milić says in an interview with Pobjeda daily. She also stresses that Russian influence has been coming from various sides and there might come times when Vučić would have to face it as well. She hopes to see better relations between Serbia and Montenegro.

“Serbia can and will learn from Montenegro but first it must solve the Kosovo issue which has been very complicated. Serbia can learn only from Montenegro’s example. The current situation is pretty difficult. President Vučić has to calm down Kosovo Serbs because of the future status of Kosovo, and also to position himself as a protector of Serbs in Montenegro and B&H. After Putin, I would say Dodik brings him biggest trouble.”

Political situation in Serbia, she says, is such that everything depends on the issue of Kosovo.


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