MNE widely recognized as an independent state


182 countries recognized Montenegro as an independent country since 8 June 2006, when former Iceland foreign affairs minister Geir Haarde sent a letter to his Montenegrin counterpart, Miodrag Vlahović, and stated that it was his honor to recognize Montenegro as an independent country on behalf of the Government of Iceland.

Iceland was the first state to recognize our country as a separate and independent state, only 18 days after Montenegro independence referendum. “Iceland is ready to establish formal diplomatic relations with Montenegro ASAP,” it was written in a letter.

On 26 Sept. 2006, Montenegro established diplomatic relations with Iceland. Out of a total of 195 sovereign states in the world, MNE has bilateral relations with 182.

The countries that still haven’t recognized MNE as a separate state are: Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, the Kingdom of Bhutan, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Madagascar, the Republic of Marshall Islands, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of the Holy See and the Principals, the United Republic of Tanzania and the Kingdom of Tonga.

Our country has 28 embassies in total and 3 general consulates. There are 7 permanent missions within international organizations (such as: the Mission of Montenegro to the European Union in Brussels; the UN Permanent Mission in New York and Permanent Mission to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe – OSCE, etc.)

“There are 25 ambassadors in total representing our country around the world,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Pobjeda daily.



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