Modern fishing port to be constructed near Ulcinj

In the forthcoming years, Montenegro might get modern fishing port, providing Montenegrin fishermen and entire economy with considerable resources.

Construction of fishing port in the zone of Đeran promontory near Ulcinj is planned to start this year.

State study on the location “Đeran promontory Port Milena”, which was on the agenda at last week’s Government session, envisages construction of marina near Port Milena. That’s a very demanding project and construction of the fishing port requires urgency.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has insisted on finding the location for the fishing port.

The introductory item of the Program for the amendments to the State location study states the following: “For the purposes of the implementation of the Second project of the institutional development and enhancement of agriculture in Montenegro (MiDAS2) and with the aim of improving fishing conditions in Montenegro, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has submitted to the Ministry if Sustainable Development and Tourism initiative number 35111/19-1 of 20 February 2019 on planning fishing port in the location Port Milena Đeran Promontory.

On the other side,the text insists on preserving of the authentic landscape of the promontory, which makes this project very complex.

“In order to come to some sustainable solution, it will be necessary to reach compromise between the request for planning fishing port and marina and the request for the preservation of the landscape”, the draft study states.

Despite considerable efforts over the past hundred years, adequate solution for this zone hasn’t been found yet.

The study has revealed concrete challenges for the implementation of this important project.

“The land of the Port Milena channel takes the waters of the Saltworks into the sea, flowing an unregulated bed”, the document states.

Through Agrarian budget Ministry of Agriculture provides considerable support for the fishing sector (€2,24 million this year).

Professional fishermen can count on grants in the amount of 50% for the reconstruction and equipment of fishing facilities, general repair or procurement of new motors, equipment for fishing and sailing and equipment for preservation of fish.

Construction of the marina in the Port Milena channel is a very complex task and requires multidisciplinary approach.

On one side, there are many hydro-technical problems and on the other side, the quality of water in the channel is s degraded that it brings its revitalization into question.

“Several very serious questions regarding this project have been brought up and they should be answered before everything else”, the authors of the document state.


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