MONSTAT highly ranked by the EU

The audit report prepared by the Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union (EU), which is going to be published soon, shows that the Statistical Office of Montenegro (MONSTAT) has aligned its official statistics with the EU concept and that it has achieved significant results, Gordana Radojević, head of MONSTAT, told Pobjeda daily.

“By comparing audit reports with other EU member states and candidate countries, MONSTAT’s statistics is highly ranked by the EU when it comes to the quality of data and in terms of reliability, objectivity, impartiality and protection of personal data,” Radojević said. She reminded of the fact that the European Commission and Eurostat conducted controls over the official statistics upon the request of MONSTAT, in order to be able to see the level of quality of results over the period 2013-2018.

“Eurostat possesses developed control mechanisms and has the right of correcting certain data or being reserved in terms of their quality. Previous controls of Eurostat showed that our data were reliable and correct,” she noted.

Key issues in the work of MONSTAT, she added, such as professional independence, reliability of statistical data, availability of data in line with the EU standards and well as the international compatibility, have now been resolved.


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