Montenegrin electricity distribution system invests 81 million EUR

In the next three years, Montenegrin electricity distribution system, CEDIS, will invest 81 million EUR in the revitalization of low-voltage and middle-voltage network. However, this won’t provoke increase in prices of electricity.

“The approval of the updated three-year plan of investments is expected to be issued in the middle of September by the Energy Regulatory Agency. The decision on the choice of bidders and signing of contract is planned for January, 15”, predicts the Plan which was adopted by the Government on Thursday.

Apart from the construction of new facilities and network, the Plan comprises investment projects of reconstruction, modernization and revitalization of existing electrical and energy facilities.

Special attention has been given to shortening the length of low-voltage supply lines by interpolation of new substations 10/0,4 kV.

Future investments won’t increase the electricity prices. Final prices and fees for the the use of electricity distribution system for the regulatory period 2017-2019 were established at the end of 2016. Approval of the regulatory period and prices for the use of distribution system is a very complex and very strictly regulated procedure, prescribed by the Methodology for the establishment of regulatory period and prices of the use of distribution system.

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