Montenegro adopted Smart Specialization Strategy

Sanja Damjanović

In the meeting held today, the Government of Montenegro adopted the Smart Specialization Strategy by means of which priority area that have the biggest potential for economic development have been identified. Research and innovation are key factors that can significantly increase competitiveness, said the representatives of the Ministry of Science.

As they point out, this is the EU recipe for tracing the development of modern technology, based on domestic potentials, with the openness towards the international scene. In addition, this is the way of improving traditional sectors.

“Montenegro has identified the following priority areas: sustainable agriculture and chain of food values, sustainable and health tourism, energy and sustainable environment with technological support of ICT”, said the representatives of the Ministry.

Development of this Strategy lasted two years and it was implemented in accordance with the methodology developed by the EU.

The process was coordinated with the assistance of the Ministry of Economy and the strategy was designed by more than 300 people from the academic, economic, public and civil sector.

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