Montenegro constantly works on the improvement of its diaspora policy

Parliament of Montenegro and its working bodies are open to new ideas and initiatives aimed at improving the position of Montenegrin diaspora, said president of the Committee in International Relations and Emigrants, Mr Andrija Nikolić, in the meeting with the representatives of Montenegrin associations in Zurich.

Mr Nikolić said that members of the Diaspora Council from Switzerland, Mr Esmir Rastoder and Mr Remzo Skenderović, had a very good basis to impose new ideas and open new topics relevant to the activities of Montenegrin diaspora in Switzerland. He told representatives of our diaspora to try to use new technologies as much as they could.

Representatives of Montenegrin associations in Switzerland discussed questions of organization of future consular das in Zurich, dual citizenship, prospects for voting in diplomatic consular representations in parliamentary and presidential elections and further investment in the north of Montenegro.

Mr Nikolić said that the country was committed to providing support for diaspora and that Montenegro was considering thoroughly ways to improve its diaspora policy. He emphasized that Government was focused on creating better living conditions in the north in order to balance the development and deter people from leaving the country.

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