Montenegro has been contributing to NATO development

Foto: PR Centar

Ever since Montenegro joined NATO, it has been continuously contributing to the development of the Alliance. This was concluded during the School “Young people facing modern security challenges: what will happen?”, organized by the Center for Democracy and Human Rights, CEDEM, and attended by 25 students, representatives of the non-governmental organizations and state bodies.

The School was organized within the Project ‘Let’s take a stand for future perspective: the alliance of youth and NATO’, and it took place in Petrovac from 16 to 18 June.

CEDEM program manager, Mr Ognjen Marković, noted that Montenegro must make an additional effort in fighting organized crime and corruption so that the common NATO values could become core values of the Montenegrin society.

“Being the NATO member state, Montenegro has been contributing to the stability of the Western Balkans, and it strives to respond to modern security challenges through the regional cooperation and the security sector reform as well. Having in mind the NATO’s mission to secure peace, young people in Montenegro must improve their knowledge on NATO, its principles and existing model of operation in order to be able to promote core values of the Alliance, such as democracy, rule of law and respecting human rights,” Mr Marković explained.

During the summer school, he added, young people had a chance to discuss different topics referring to NATO Alliance through theoretical and practical work, alongside national and regional experts in the field of security.






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