Montenegro tops the list of countries affected by hybrid warfare

It is well known that Montenegro tops the list of countries against which hybrid warfare is waged. NATO and the EU are working together to eliminate hybrid threats, says Croatian security analyst, Mr Igor Tabak.

Mr Tabak pointed out that neither EU nor NATO would ever forget the coup attempt in Montenegro.

“The campaign conducted against Montenegro and its NATO accession was very unusual. There were certain discussions over whether Croatia should be part of the Alliance or not, but the situation was nothing like in Montenegro. Hybrid attacks against Montenegro are brutal”, says Mr Tabak.

NATO counter-hybrid support team is coming to Montenegro, the youngest NATO member. A year ago NATO leaders agreed to form support teams which would be assisting their allies in the preparation against hybrid activities. Council of the EU has formed a new, permanent diplomatic group in charge of monitoring and reacting to hybrid threat, such as disinformation, fake news and attempts of election meddling.

Mr Tabak points out that, from now on, Montenegro will have great NATO and EU support and assistance.

“Counter-hybrid teams will try to respond to any Montenegrin issue regarding hybrid-warfare”, says Mr Tabak.

He says that it’s not easy to escape hybrid activities of countries interested in WB and whose only interest is to be present in this region, be it politically or in any other way.

“Specific hybrid activities can be seen in all European countries. Intensity and methods depend the context in which the country finds itself. With NATO accession and with getting closer  to the EU, Montenegro is changing the entire area of a military and political game and, therefore, is standing in the way of some forces which are not happy with such Montenegrin actions”, says Mr Tabak.

In future – less harsh

Mr Igor Tabak thinks that activities within hybrid warfare will exist in the future as w3ell, but they will be more delicate and less harsh now that Montenegro is part of NATO.

“One of the advantages of NATO membership is that anti-hybrid teams and Center of excellence in Finland are at the disposal of Montenegro”, says Mr Tabak.


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