Montenegro widely recognized as regional leader in EU integration

Montenegro has been widely recognized as the leader in the EU integration among the Western Balkan countries, and that is why we expect the ‘regatta principle’ to continue to apply in the enlargement process, every phase to be clearly defined and results highly valued, assessed Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy and Financial System, Mr Milutin Simović.

Mr Simović attended the Regional Forum ‘Accession of the Western Balkans to the European Union’ taking place in Bucharest, Romania. The gathering was hosted by the Romanian Prime Minister and leader of the Social Democratic Party, PSD, Ms Viorica Dancila.

At the forum, during the panel discussion on the ‘Current state of affairs in the EU enlargement process’, he addressed the representatives of the socialist and social democratic parties in Europe and the region, emphasizing that Montenegro has achieved a lot in the EU negotiation process and is moving in the right direction.

“We opened 32 out of 33 negotiation chapters, while requirements for opening the only remaining chapter 8 – Competitiveness, were met last year. We have right to believe that we deserve opening of this chapter as well, and that we can start the process of closing and successful completion of negotiations,” Mr Simović said.

He confirmed all the Forum participants that their countries and parties would always have a reliable partner in the Government of Montenegro and the DPS, which might assist them in carrying out the reform process, stabilization and addressing open issues in the WB.





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