Montenegro’s govt: No equipment has been lost

The Government of Montenegro pointed out that all medical equipment Montenegro bought for the protection of the health and lives of citizens is in our country’s possession and that most of it already delivered.

The announcement was given in response to malicious allegations on the disappearance of two tons of medical equipment and various conspiracy theories over the past two days.

The govt recalled that based on the needs of Montenegro’s healthcare system and its employees, who are on the front line of the fight against Covid-19, the National Coordination Body, NKT, initiated the procurement of 1.500.000 surgical masks, 170.000 N95 masks, 30.000 safety suits, 20.000 safety goggles, 1.000 coronavirus test kits, 150 thermometers and 20 ventilators from China. The initiative was launched through the Pharmaceutical body of Montenegro ‘Montefarm’.

Based on the supplier’s initial information on the estimated weight and, more importantly, the volume of the supplies in this case, a suitable cargo plane was ordered.

On Friday, 3 April, after customs procedures were completed in Beijing, most of the goods were boarded.

“The mass of goods loaded was certainly more than twice smaller than the payload, but since it was goods of specific weight, the volume was limited. The plane was loaded to the maximum of the cargo space, which the public could see on the videos and photos posted after landing in Podgorica,” the govt explained.

After the plane had already flown to Podgorica, the remaining goods were listed, measured and stockpiled, i.e. the equipment that is now in the warehouse at Beijing Airport has 392 boxes including 332.000 surgical masks, 153.330 N95 masks, 1.850 protective suits and 2.000 safety goggles.

The rest of the medical equipment will be shipped to Montenegro in the coming days, along with the large amount of donated medical equipment received by our Embassy in Beijing by friendly legal and physical persons in China, the govt said in a statement.


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