Municipal Assembly dismissed Jokić again

Vladimir Jokić Foto: BokaNews

Mr Vladimir Jokić was dismissed for the second time from the function of the President of the Municipality of Kotor.

Seventween councilors voted for Mr Jokić’s dismissal.

Next meeting of the Municipal Assembly of Kotor is scheduled for  Friday. Mr Željko Aprcović will be elected as the new president of the municipality.

A day before the meeting, Mr Jokić said at the press conference that today’s meeting didn’t represent citizens’ will and that it was result of political corruption and violation of all Montenegrin laws.

Mr Jokić was first dismissed on 24 April, but the decision was overruled by the Constitutional Court.

New parliamentary majority, which consists of DPS, SD, LP, Croatian Civic Initiative and Ms Bruna Lončarević, dismissed on 27 June president of the Municipal Assembly of Kotor, Ms Dragica Perović and elected Mr Jovo Suđić as new president.

Political life in Kotor has been scandalous lately.


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