National companies generate turnover of €7.9 billion

The turnover of companies in Montenegro last year amounted to €9.4 billion, while foreign branches reached a turnover of €1.55 billion, Pobjeda reports.

Trade and auto-services account for the greatest share in the turnover – €4 billion.

A total of €1.35 billion refers to construction and €827.9 million refer to manufacturing industry.

Gross production value amounted to €5.55 billion last year.

Gross added value, which was €2 billion, is a difference between gross production value and inter-phase consumption.

Inter-phase consumption, i.e. value of goods and services which are transformed, used or spent in the process of production, totaled €3.35 billion.

Data shows that foreign companies account for 2% in the total number of active companies.

Foreign branches had €1.55 billion turnover: Serbian companies had €291.9 million, Croatian had €231 million and Austrian companies had a turnover of €214 million.

Production value of foreign branches reached €905.8 million.



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