Nearly 2.5 million overnights and 700,000 guests in Montenegrin hotels

Foto: CdM

Nearly 700,000 tourists stayed in the Montenegrin hotels and other kinds of accommodation capacities from January to July this year, which is by 18.5 per cent higher compared to the same period last year, while the number of overnights exceeded 2.46 million and was by 9.6 per cent higher compared to 2018, suggest the preliminary data of the Statistical Office of Montenegro, MONSTAT.

New results when it comes to the number of registered arrivals and stays in hotels in MNE indicate a continuing growing trend even in the first part of the so-called ‘peak summer season’ – between mid-July and August, writes Dnevne Novine daily.

Therefore, data show that 693,066 tourists stayed in the so-called collective accommodation in our country (hotels, resorts, motels, tourist villages and hostels), totaling 2,460,571 overnight stays. Foreign visitors – 622,894 of them registered – had a total of 2,189,104 overnight stays.

Peak summer season brought in another change – the average stay in our country now amounting to 3.55 overnights per tourist. Namely, in the end of June this number amounted to 3.3 overnights per an individual. However, tourists still seem to take weekend trips as their favorite kind of resting in Montenegro.

As for Europe, collective accommodation in Montenegro was mostly used by tourists from Serbia (65,161), which represents over 10 per cent of the total number of all foreign and registered tourists who stayed in this kind of accommodation. Serbian tourists were followed by tourists from Germany (57,181), Russia (48,660), France (35,578) and the UK (28,855).

When it comes to the far-flung destinations, even 37,590 tourist from China and Hong Kong spent at least one night in Montenegrin hotels, making up 6.03 per cent of the total number of registered foreign guests in this kind of accommodation. Hotels in our country also received 14,428 guests from the USA and 18,274 of them from Israel.

147,000 tourists currently in Montenegro

PR of the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, Ms Aleksandra Maksimović, told Dnevne Novine daily that a continuing growth trend best has been confirmed by high tourist arrivals in July and August, accounting for about 10 per cent on average.

“The successful postseason is announced by the estimations of the local tourism organizations, stating that currently there are around 147,000 guests in Montenegro, which is by almost 42,000 tourists more compared to the same period last year.”



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