New immigration law in Germany opens door for skilled personnel

New immigration law in Germany opens door for skilled personnel

A new and more liberal Skilled Labor Immigration Act in Germany enters into force on 1 March, which means citizens of Montenegro who wish to work in this country will be able to do that more easily.

According to the Employment Agency of Montenegro, ZZZCG, a citizen can get all the information about working in Germany, i.e. about visas and other procedures from relevant institutions in Germany and the German Embassy to Montenegro, while the ZZZCG mediates in the recruitment on the basis of an application for entering the employment in a foreign country.

Gordana Vukčević, a chief officer of the Department for EURES and the international mediation in recruitment within the ZZZCG, explains for CdM that an individual can find a job abroad through private recruitment agencies as well, or by contacting a foreign employer or public services in charge of recruitment.

“The role of the ZZZCG in an employment mediation abroad is to inform our citizens about the possibilities, as well as about their rights and obligations. I’d like to emphasize that finding a job abroad does not depend on a desire and will of a person, but rather the needs of a foreign market,” Ms Vukčević said.

Employers mostly, she added, look for an experienced workforce possessing a certain language proficiency level.

Germany lacks specialists, according to Ms Vukčević, in following professions: IT specialists, engineers and craftsmen in the construction industry, hotel and restaurant staff, doctors, physiotherapists and nurses, nurses in elderly care, experts in mechatronics, electrical engineering, energy technology, etc…

Interested citizens can find more about jobs in demand in Germany on the ZZZCG website.



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