New promenade in Budva to illustrate the importance of space


When I came to Budva, I was pretty skeptical and scared. Some things were good and still are, but public infrastructure that every town deserves, and Budva in particular, is missing.

This is how Mr Zoran Boševski, Croatian architect, describes his first encounter with the capital of Montenegrin tourisml. He visited our country at the end of July at the invitation of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and Public Enterprise of Coastal Zone Management. He walked through Budva and Bečići in order to find out more about the government’s intentions to connect these two coves with a new promenade.

Ministry and Coastal Zone Management and the Municipality of Budva have announced international competition for conceptual design of the promenade along Slovenska plaža and bathing areas in Bečići. It would be connected through Zavala semi-island and it would encompass access roads towards the shore and the sea.

The promenade is expected to have streets for delivery and intervention vehicles, crossroad and extensions in the form of little squares or viewpoints with five little bridges over the streams and little rivers. In addition, the designer is supposed to create design of the way in which the promenade will be arranged – lighting, urban amenities, waste collection equipment… The future promenade will be 5 km long.

Mr Boševski is sure that competent authorities have clearly shown that they want different approach to the construction and spatial planning in Budva.

“Budva deserves infrastructure that would reflect the strength of the town, its attitude. Such strong infrastructure is practically the foundation of the entire region”, says Mr Boševski,

Could this competition give multi-purpose solution that could change the quality of the space? Mr Boševski says that solutions can never be generalized.

“I’ve taken part in so many competitions and workshops. Any engagement of a type should be continuous for one area only – and that’s what I think about every town at the Adriatic coast. They all want constant engagement in the form of competitions, workshops, research. Therefore, I believe this competition will show that there’s interest in some new ideas that have been hidden somewhere. Seaside towns should definitely get their own landmark. One universal project doesn’t exist but every project will show interest and strength of some other actors. When it comes to huge investments, architects and designers are sometimes left out. This competition in Budva might enlighten investors and make them realize that space is not just a business chance”, pointed out Mt Boševski.

Thanks to experience in the construction of promenades at the Adriatic coast, Mr Boševski says that the response to this competition should be special design.

“It sure has to be special. I was amazed by the horticulture in Budva. That green carpet covering everything that is made in Budva”, said Mr Boševski.


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