No grounds for charges against Djukanovic for his Antena M interview

Milo Đukanović
Milo Đukanović

There’s no grounds for pressing charges against the former President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, because of his interview with Radio Antena M, the High State Prosecutor’s Office has stated.

They also recall that the prosecutor’s office urged Antena M to collect and submit to the High State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica the interview in the electronic form.

As the electronic form of the mentioned interview wasn’t submitted to the Police Directorate, the Podgorica High State Prosecutor’s Office, in order to avoid any fraud concerning the video interview, ordered a competent expert to download it from the website and provide his opinion and findings regarding it.

After the expert examined the interview, the prosecution determined that there were no grounds for pressing charges against any person in it.

In late April this year, in an interview with Antena M, Mr Djuknovic said that “we live in a poisonous atmosphere”, adding that “persecution across Montenegro would continue”. He also noted that it was his duty to warn about these things, as the “Montenegrin society is a society of avengers”.

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