No plea deal in Joseph Assad case has been reached

Džozef Asad

Special Prosecutor’s Office said today that no plea deal has been concluded with any person in the Joseph Assad case.

Representatives of the Special Prosecutor’s Office point out that they have undertaken actions aimed at settling legal cases related to the coup attempt in 2016.

“In accordance with their competences and with the assistance of the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro, Special Prosecutor’s Office enabled process actions against Israeli citizen, Mr Yoram Frig, and collected evidence relevant to the criminal procedure”, said representatives of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

Special Prosecutor’s Office points out that media allegations regarding plea deals in Joseph Assad case weren’t true.

“Montenegro is obliged to respect all international regulations related to the international legal assistance in criminal matters and to undertake all measures related to the arrival of Yoram Frig to Montenegro”, concluded representatives of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

High Court in Podgorica had repealed international notice for Yoram Frig (53), suspected of plotting terrorism attempt on the day of parliamentary elections in Montenegro is 2016.

Frig was under interrogation for several hours and gave his testimony about his arrival to Montenegro. He never denied bringing the controversial device against eavesdropping to Podgorica.

He also said that same device could be used for the electronic surveillance measures.

Frig confirmed that he came to Montenegro at the invitation of the former CIA agent, Joseph Assad and that he was supposed to arrange the gathering of the Democratic Front. His engagement referred to the counter-surveillance measures but he said he had no information about the bloodshed. The objective of the action was to violently change constitutional order and destabilize state apparatus.


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