Nuhodžić for CdM: We’re building roads, markets, footbridges, improving the quality of life

Pasarela Mojkovac

Over the past three years, the Public Works Administration has implemented dozens of projects referring to the improvement of the local traffic and utility infrastructure worth over €50 million, head of this institution, Mr Rešad Nuhodžić, told in an interview for CdM.

The largest number of these projects has been implemented in the north of the country, in line with the Government’s strategy of the country’s uniformly development.

Rešad Nuhodžić

“One of the biggest projects is certainly the reconstruction of the tailing in Mojkovac and its transformation into a modern sports and recreational zone,” said Mr Nuhodžić.

According to him, at this location, covering an area of about 19 hectares, the construction of a footbridge over the Podgorica – Bijelo Polje main road is underway, with a total value of about €1.8 million. The construction of the footbridge will be completed by the end of the year.

A footbridge under construction
Works underway in Bijelo Polje

He recalls that the construction of traffic and utility connections within the business zone has started recently in Mojkovac, which will provide an additional incentive for the development of entrepreneurship, and therefore create conditions for new jobs.

“About 825,000 euro will be allocated for this investment,” Mr Nuhodžić added.

Among many projects that the Public Works Administration is implementing in Rožaje, he particularly wanted to mention a new city market, which will provide quality working conditions for all sellers.

Market in Rožaje

“We are about to finish the construction of a market in Gusinje as well, the project funded by the Govt of Montenegro, worth around €620,000.”

Market in Gusinje

As for Berane, the second phase of the construction of a livestock market at an area of around 3,350 sqm, worth €360,000, started several days ago.

Market in Berane
Works underway in Rožaje

The construction of accessible roads for the future ski resorts Žarski, Cmiljača, Kolašin and Hajla is underway, as well as for Đalovića cave tourist complex, which will contribute to the development of economy and the increase in the quality of life of citizens living in these areas.

Beside all the above-mentioned projects, Mr Nuhodžić added, there are many other projects as well and each one of them is extremely significant for the local community regardless of its value.

He also noted that the Government and the Public Works Administration would continue with the investment and the implementation of projects aiming to further develop the local infrastructure.



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