Nuhodžić: Police have confirmed efficiency and professionalism

Police officers have shown that they are up to the task, able to respond to challenges and instill confidence with their professional and committed work. They have proven we can always rely on them, Mr Mevludin Nuhodđić, Minister of Interior, has said.

Talking about actions of police members during the coronavirus pandemic, Mr Nuhodžić pointed out that police officers had welcomed our nationals from abroad prepared, made sure everybody had adhered to measures, replied to calls and assisted our citizens.

“They coped with the invisible enemy bravely. They made full contribution to the protection of public health and took measures to maintain public peace and order”, Mr Nuhodžić said.

He commended all police officers for being committed to their job.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the management of Police Department for well-planned activities in a very difficult situation”, Mr Nuhodžić said.

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