Number of alcoholics in Montenegro unspecified: Biggest problem when addicts don’t want treatment


Addictive diseases (alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling…) are considered to be among the most common diseases in the modern world. Alcoholism is the most widespread addictive disease and significantly affects the increased mortality of the population. Countless researches have shown that alcohol severely impairs both physical and mental health, and shortens life by up to 15 years. The exact number of alcohol addicts in Montenegro is not known. Psychiatrist Ljubinko Kaludjerovic, head of the Center for Mental Health at the Podgorica Health Caree Center, has told CdM that the prevention of addiction and the promotion of healthy lifestyles should be constantly worked on. He emphasizes that the biggest problem is not the existence of adequate help from institutions, but the situation when a patient does not want to be treated.

He also stresses that in all psychiatric hospitals there are places for hospital treatment of alcohol addicts. Also, Kaludjerovic points out that the rehabilitation center at Kakaricka Gora provides help to alcohol addicts, as well as that there is a group of Alcoholics Anonymous in Podgorica.

However, Kaludjerovic points out that the bigger problem is not the existence of adequate treatments, but patient’s motivation to be treated.

He also recalls that in Montenegro there is a court measure – mandatory alcoholism treatment.

“Also, there are situations when patients are dangerous to themselves or the environment, whether they are aggressive or have developed alcoholic delirium, which occurs as a complication of alcoholism. In those situations, forced hospitalization is carried out”, Kaludjerovic underlines.

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