Opening of the South-West bypass during May

Works on the construction of the South-West bypass around Podgorica are being carried out as planned and will be finished within the deadline. The first and the third stretches of the bypass have been completed whereas the construction works on the bridge are approaching the end. The Bemax company said the water level in the Morača river does not affect the works so that they expect everything to be finished by April and the bypass to be opened during May.

The South-West bypass is a capital project for Podgorica, as it will get a modern road of a boulevard type that will be connecting the Podgorica-Cetinje with the Podgorica-Petrovac road, which will relocate the transit traffic from the city center.

The project will also mean a new bridge over the Morača river for Podgorica, as well as an overpass in the KAP zone, two roundabouts, and the reconstruction of many streets… The bypass is 3,261m long. The contract value of the project is €681,850.

The South-West bypass is a part of the ring road around Podgorica. The intention of the Capital City is to build the Western bypass to connect Donja Gorica with the road to Danilovgrad and Nikšić.

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