Opposition’s political games do not threaten stability in the country

Miodrag Vuković

Miodrag Vuković, the DPS MP, says his party along with its coalition partners, has been working responsibly in the Committee on Further Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation, which cannot be said for the opposition.

In an interview for the weekend edition of Dnevne Novine daily, Mr Vuković says there is no need for the transitional government when the political situation in MNE is stable. According to him, these days we are witnessing the irresponsible and unnecessary actions of the opposition using media for their games with no other players but themselves.

“We started with our work when the opposition was boycotting us and when we were continuously urging them to join us. Now when that happened, that is, when the largest opposition group joined us, we started from the very beginning,” Mr Vuković says.

He underlines that the opposition withdrew from the Committee for reasons that had nothing to do with his party and the electoral legislation. Fortunately, Montenegro has a stable parliamentary majority and its state stability and progress is not at stake, according to Mr Vuković.

The political parties in MNE should gather and agree on the conditions needed for the institutional and human resources changes that would result in the adoption of new laws. “But having in mind their [the opposition’s] behavior, I don’t think we will be able to ensure such an atmosphere and environment.”




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