Patient from Serbia tests positive for coronavirus

Institute for Public Health confirmed today that repeated testing had confirmed that patient from Serbia who got injured in a car accident in Montenegro had tested positive for coronavirus. This case will be reported as additional positive case. Since this patient was being treated in the hospital in Bijelo Polje, as well as in hospital in Risan and in Clinical Center, part of medical staff in will be in isolation. Workers in other services who had contact with this person are in isolation too.

The analysis also included repeated samples of persons whose classification wasn’t complete.

Today’s sample was taken from the lower respiratory ways and tested positive for coronavirus which confirmed suspicion that the person is in the recovery phase of the infection.

“Person’s movement through Montenegro has been reconstructed, contacts have been identified. Their health condition will be carefully monitored”, Institute reported.

Total number of coronavirus cases amounts to 325. There are currently two active cases.


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