Pažin: We expect the EU to recognize our progress

Zoran Pažin

EU accession isn’t the only Montenegro’s interest. We want to be fully ready for the membership and meet all the criteria, especially in the rule of law, as it is the foundation of the European quality of life. That’s our top priority, said vice-president of the Government, Mr Zoran Pažin, during the meeting convened as part of the ongoing Strategic Dialogue on the Western Balkans with the officials of the Western Balkans, EU member states and European institutions, organized by the World Economic Forum in Geneva.

Mr Pažin pointed out that the essence of the European policy in Montenegro was reaching higher living standard and developing society which would function by rules applied in the most developed European democracies. He added that total transformation of the society was achievable but only through unhindered process.

“Never in its long history has Montenegro managed to get hold of something easily. Therefore, we don’t expect that to happen now. On the contrary, we are working hard on developing society where European rules and standards will apply. However, we expect our European partners to recognize our real progress”, said Mr Pažin.

While talking about reserved view on the EU enlargement policy, Mr Pažin said that considering some more efficient way of the functioning within the Union was completely legitimate. He said that integration process should continue as it “is in the interest of both the EU and WB”. Any other scenario would leave room for the increase of anti-European and populist forces.

The idea of the so called reversibility principle is not a sustainable solution, states Mr Pažin, considering the already established principles of the international law.

Mr Pažin emphasized Germany’s important role in the promotion of European values. He expressed gratitude for the support members of Višegrad group pledged for Montenegro. In that context, Mr Pažin stressed that so far German principle of Euro-integration had produced concrete results and that such relations between the EU and other countries aspiring to be part of it should continue.

Mr Pažin reminded that one of Montenegro’s top priorities was strengthening relations with neighbors. He said that “mini Schengen” initiative would lead to high-quality EU integration.

Mr Pažin said that it was very important that every country in the EU accession process should be enable to make progress in accordance with reform results and other successes.


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