PES: We’re going to get a govt which would carry out the Europe Now 2 Program

Foto: Pokret Evropa sad (Arhiva)

The formation of a government is not an easy process due to both external and internal obstructions, the Europe Now Movement stated earlier today, noting that we “are going to get a government which would carry out the Europe Now 2 Program”.

“Therefore, contrary to many other political actors focused on their party interests, which is totally legitimate, when it comes to the formation of the 44th government, the interests of citizens are the only things that matter to us”, it was said in a statement.

They reminded that the PES electoral list won 26% of support in the parliamentary election, but it wasn’t enough to set up government on their own.

“Citizens for voted for PES in the local, parliamentary and presidential election not because of some of its members but because of our mission to improve the standard of living, ensure the rule of law and accelerate the EU integration,” the statement said.


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