Police teamwork boosts confidence of tourists, contributes to greater safety

Nuhodžić i policajci

Montenegro internal affairs minister, Mr Mevludin Nuhodžić, talked today in Igalo with the police officers from Serbia and Croatia, who have been assigned to patrol the Montenegrin tourist centers during summer season for seven years already.

“Joint traffic patrols boost confidence among people who come from your countries and that’s a good thing,” Nuhodžić told police officers.

Police officers, on the other hand, told him that they have been satisfied with the attitude of Montenegro citizens and tourists as well.

The mobility scheme project was launched in 2012 and during the main tourism season, Montenegro is a host to colleagues from six countries: Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia and Romania.

Minister Nuhodžić stressed that the Montenegrin police pay special attention to this form of international cooperation, which shows that it [National Police] has developed strong, professional and friendly relations with the partner police services from the region and Europe as well.



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