Prava Crna Gora kicked DF out of Barska Plovidba board

Marko i Žana Milačić (Foto: Facebook)

Even though the Capital Investment Minister, Mladen Bojanic, nominated Sava Asanin for the president and Nada Dragovic and Miroslav Sepic for members of the board of ‘Barska Plovidba AD’, the government instead nominated Dalibor Markovic, Petar Zlokovic, but kept Mr Sepic.

Vice President of the Democratic People’s Party, Maja Vukicevic, underlined that both proposals of Minister Bojanic and the government’s staff commission were published on the government’s official website. 

“However, before the government’s session was over, the President of the Board, Sava Asanin, was informed that he wasn’t re-elected. Barska Plovidba AD received a letter from Secretary-General of the Government, Zana Prascevic Milacic, saying that new members of the board are Markovic, Zlokovic and Sepic,” she said.

Ms Vukicevic is now wondering who makes decisions in the government, that is, who decided that their members should not be elected, and how come only Mr Sepic stayed.


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