Pribilović for CdM: We proudly wear our red “jersey”

Suzana Pribilović

Montenegro is celebrating 14 years of independence. Minister of Public Administration, Ms Suzana Pribilović, talks about Montenegro today clearly and vividly.

“Over the past 14 years, Montenegro has become home where everybody drops in gladly, our neighbors, partners and friends from all over the world”, Ms Pribilović says.

She believes that every citizen is proud of the fact that Montenegro has been exemplary neighbor, focused on its own yard through strengthening institutions and forging our European path.

Minister used sport vocabulary to describe Montenegro’s journey.

“I’d say we wear our red jersey proudly, playing matches without fouls”, Minster says.

Ms Pribilović says they have been working on strengthening institutions at all levels.

She firmly believes that coronavirus epidemic has shown all the force of public administration.

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Historically, since 2003 Montenegro has been getting closer to the “European administration space”. A giant step forward was restoration of independence in 2006.

“I am personally very satisfied that reform has become one of the most important policies of this Government”, Minister Pribilović says.

Since its establishment, all capacities of the Ministry of Public Administration have been focused on achieving goals defined by the Strategy for the Public Administration reform.

Ms Pribilović is proud of what has been done.

“Citizens can be provided with many services electronically. Our greatest success is citizens’ satisfaction, which was at 66% in 2019”, Minister says.

She reminds that one of the most complex processes has been adopted – optimization of public administration.

“It has turned out that digitization is the key activity of the public administration reform. I am very glad that some services have persisted owing to the system for unique exchange of data. By that I mean the service of electronic enrollment in schools and kindergartens. National identification document will be issued soon”, Ms Pribilović says.

For the end, she has message.

“As citizen and as minister, I can tell that I am very satisfied with what has been done so far, although I am aware that there’s still more to be done”, Ms Pribilović says.


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