Prince Nikola Petrović: The 100-year exile was enough

In an interview with Pobjeda daily, Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš said the 1918 Podgorica Assembly that decided to expel his family from Montenegro and erase Montenegro from the world map, as well as the return of his father and three uncles represented a symbolic event in his life. This event threw light on Montenegro and its heroic history, he added.

“I’ve been having chance to continuously contribute to renewing relations between Montenegro and myself, which was unfairly cut off 100 years ago. For my family as well as for many citizens of Montenegro, this means that a 100-year exile has been enough and that it’s high time to turn to future of our children,” Prince Nikola told Pobjeda daily.

He hopes the compatriots would understand that beside the short-term political and economic challenges, the truly important ones relate to ecology, as the future of our children and the whole humanity depends on it.

“In this context, Montenegro can play a significant role and thus find its unity, values and its pride,” stressed he.

Prince Nikola would like to spend more time in Montenegro and he hopes to be able to reduce his professional engagements in Paris.




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