Project solutions and the usage of hydro potential should be examined

Male hidroelektrane MHE

Chief Electrical Inspector, Blagota Novosel, believes that it is necessary to examine project solutions and the way of using hydro potentials, in order to provide optimal and sustainable solutions. In an interview with the weekend edition of Dnevne Novine daily, he pointed out that ahead of any decision-making, a thorough ‘4 E’ analysis should be carried out.

“Potential resources, in my opinion, should be used, but any decision-making should require a quality and complete analysis according to the system “4 E”- energy, economy, ecology, efficiency – efficient use of resources and efficient use of electricity,” said Mr Novosel.

When asked about his position and main duties of an electrical inspector, he said: “According to the Energy Law, the electrical inspection carries out supervision in the fields of design, production, construction, exploitation and maintenance of production facilities, transmission, distribution of electricity and other power plants and installations. There are currently three inspectors in the Electricity Inspection Department, while we had two inspectors in the previous period.“

Speaking about the construction of small hydro power plants and whether the concessionaires respect all contract provisions as well as the Energy Law, he noted: “The Electrical Inspector supervises the construction of small hydropower plants, as well as the exploitation and production of electricity. Control carried out by the electrical inspection involves checking the compliance of the construction of these facilities with technical regulations and the Law on Energy. Control of compliance with concession contracts is not the responsibility of the electrical inspection, but the Ministry of Economy.“

On the major problems of the energy sector of Montenegro, Mr Novosel said: “It should be said that the energy sector of Montenegro is in the process of reform in order to harmonize with the energy sector of Europe, which is to be achieved through the implementation of the EU Energy Directives. It is a very complex process with many challenges and requires the involvement of all competent institutions. In my opinion, the implementation of the EU Directives, that is, the Energy Law is done successfully. However, I do believe that it’s necessary to revise the Sustainable Development Strategy of MNE and define a long-term strategic development of Montenegro’s energy sector, taking into account the current situation in the energy sector and modern European trends when it comes the ways of the energy development and technological progress in this area.“



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