Rada factory starts production of juices soon

Fabrika vode Rada

“Rada” Mineral water factory from Bijelo Polje plans to start exporting products as of September, and it will soon start production of juices, flavored water and probably energy drinks.

Co-owner of Water group company from Kolašin, Mr Boris Rašković, said that so far they had been focused on domestic market only.

“We have planned some new products from the beginning. As for juices and flavored water, we expect that phase to begin next year. We are making plans for starting exporting next month. That’s something new, we haven’t done that so far”, said Mr Rašković.

Water group bought last year Bjelasica Rada company from Bijelo Polje. It plans to cover Montenegrin market with Rada products as much as possible.

Water group co-owner says that they will have a lot of work to do in Montenegro.

“We aren’t very satisfied with what we have done so far because the market is much bigger and it could be covered better. Market is a living organism and must be dealt with in the long run”, pointed out Mr Rašković.

He said they operated in accordance with plans.

“We were a little late but we are satisfied anyway. It wasn’t simple to enter the market. The very beginning of the season wasn’t very satisfactory, but we managed to go even beyond our expectations”, said Mr Rašković.

Representatives of Water group point out that they are very satisfied with the reaction of buyers.

“They are happy and we are happy. We expect September and October to be strong”, said Mr Rašković.

Factory currently county 20 employees. The number is expected to increase with market opening.

“Increasing production requires investments. I won’t provide you with details now, we haven’t made our decisions yet. But there will definitely be more investments in the factory, infrastructure, sale network”, said Mr Rašković.


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