Radović: Democrats councilors attended the ritual of burning incense as well

Foto: DPS Budva

A photo from the Municipality of Budva clearly proves that the MP of Democrats, Mr Albin Ćeman, tried to deny and discredit Mr Abaz Dizdarević by telling untruth, the DPS councilor in the Budva Municipal Assembly, Mr Miloš Radović, told earlier today. There is no doubt that a member of the Democrats, Mr Gojko Liješević, is on the pic even though wearing the mask.


Photo: DPS Budva

“The only doubt that Mr Ćeman could have with this proof is whether councilor Liješević attended the entire event or he eventually left at some time by exiting backwards? Let’s be serious now – we believe that Mr Bečić’s statement about the ritual of burning incense was sincere and appropriate having in mind his position, and DPS MP Dizdarević, reacting to this ritual, didn’t find anything wrong with it. It’s why we were surprised to see that Democrats MP Ćeman tried to deny facts,” Mr Radović noted.

“For this reason, in order to inform the public objectively, whatever he was told, it’s always necessary to check it twice. To get rid of any dilemma – there’s also a picture showing two more councilors of Democrats who attended the ritual of burning incense.”


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