Radulović: Macron’s views make us think carefully about Europe’s future

Momčilo Radulović

French president, Mr Emmanuel Macron, raised eyebrows with his statement that NATO “is experiencing brain death“ and that Europe “stands on the edge of the precipice”. German Chancellor, Ms Angela Merkel, was surprised as well and said he had used drastic words and she rejected his assessment. Commenting on Macron’s statement, president of the European movement in Montenegro, Mr Momčilio Radulović, says that Macron’s interview for The Economist  cannot be seen from  Montenegro’s point of view, and not even from the point of view of the enlargement policy.

Mr Radulović explains that his interview is a very complex analysis of so far global policies, economic and security policies to development policies and other set of policies related to the contemporary international relations.

“This text is so far away from something that should be regarded as short-term. We shouldn’t draw hasty conclusions about Macron’s definitions”, says Mr Radulović.

Answering the question about Macron’s views, Mr Radulović says that his views are often controversial, but also inspirational and make you think carefully about modern world, future of Europe and international relations.

“However, his messages are often contradictory, or, at least, strange and distorted in some way, although his conclusions are based on accurate premises. Are his dislocated conclusions fruit of his intention or wrong assessment? We’ll see. He was also contradictory when he referred to Balkan countries and enlargement policy”, says Mr Radulović.

Mr Radulović adds that the question is why enlargement policy has to be regarded separately from the general parallelism principle.

“If we analyze other parts of his interview, and a whole set of remarks he made regarding he enlargement policy, we tend to get the impression that Mr Macron used question related to WB integration to address a whole set of other questions which are nor relevant to our country and our citizens”, says Mr Radulović.

That double-standard policy does not encourage us or other countries in the region and their leaders.

What is more important is what effects such profound Macron’s statements produce. Will they contribute to further consolidation of the EU or further divisions?

Asked to comment on Ms Merkel’s reaction to Mr Macron’s statements, Mr raduloić says that French leader was expected to show greater level of political wisdom.

As far as Montenegro is concerned, Mr Radulović says it is important to read what Mr Macron’s does and thinks and even assist him in his attempts to address specific problems. However, it is far more useful for us to identify with the messages conveyed by Mr Mike Pompeo and Mr Heiko Mass.


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