Raonić: Opposition is losing its negotiation position

Boris Raonić

Majority of the Montenegrin opposition parties, although already announcing boycott of the forthcoming parliamentary elections, are actually preparing for the new performance for the citizens by stating that they are going to require the technical government which would be in charge of preparing the elections.

The Committee for Further Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation, on the other hand, functions without the opposition members and it’s unknown whether they [members of the opposition parties] would ever join the Committee. In addition, the EU representatives are continuously insisting on the opposition to join the Committee, but that doesn’t seem to bother them.

Political analyst, Mr Srđan Vukadinović, believes it’s good that the opposition parties accepted the fact that there will be no extraordinary parliamentary elections and that they should prepare themselves for the regular ones which are going to be held next year.

“Ever since 2016 the opposition has been continuously mentioning the new, extraordinary elections. Now they know that won’t happen and they accepted the fact that the electoral cycle lasts for 4 years. I don’t think the opposition is going to boycott the elections, and I also think there won’t be any technical government.”

Mr Vukadinović continued: “The opposition should return to the Committee on Further Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation, and it should do it for its own sake. Even if they don’t return, the Committee will continue with its work, but there are some decisions which must be made by a two-thirds majority.”

Leader of the Civic Alliance, Mr Boris Raonić, claims the opposition is guilty of its own bad situation and that its negotiation position is now even worse than several months ago.

“It’s incredible how it [the opposition] managed to bring itself to such an unfavorable negotiation position. Maybe it was caused by the unaligned actions, coalitions, stories about seat divisions and internal disagreements,” Mr Raonić said.



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