Renzi: Closing doors to the Balkans would be a mistake

Mateo Renci

If Europe closes the door to the Balkans, it would be a mistake, Italy’s former prime minister, Matteo Renzi, told in an interview with Dan daily. On the sidelines of the Conference ‘Energy Transformations and Challenges’ organized by the Economist and supported by Hellenic Petroleum, Mr Renzi emphasized that Italy and Montenegro have been cherishing friendly relations.

“I think the relations between Italy and Montenegro have been perfect over the past years, that is, decades. In my opinion, this is not just a matter of Italian-Montenegrin relations, but opening the European perspective for integration of the whole Balkans,” he said.

It is important to have an appropriate strategy, according to him.

“The strategy should include the fight against all illegal activities and corruption. Meanwhile, the European countries should see how important it is to accept the Balkan states. If Europe closes its doors to the Balkans, it would be a huge mistake,” Mr Renzzi claimed.

Free market represents our future

The Conference ‘Energy Transformation and Challenges’, which took place in Athens on 16-17 July, assessed that energy security represented one of the main issues in Europe, requiring common answer. It was noted that impressive results were recorded when it comes to energy security and efficiency in 2018.




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