“Resist” movement becomes NGO

Džemal Perović

Leader of the “Resist” movement, Mr Džemal Perović, said for Dan that there had been a stoppage in the movement’s activities due to the organization problems and other weaknesses and shortcomings and that they were on their way of overcoming those problems. He said that they would organize founding assembly of the movement. There’s a great chance that “Resist” movement becomes NGO.

“Resist movement is going to be a strong and efficient organization, open and based on the principles of anti-envelope. We are going to have a big ethic committee too. We will be a long-term and strong defense of corruption, thefts and other bad things that have been established by this government in the past 30 years”, said Mr Perović.

Civil protests in Montenegro have no alternative and they won’t be stifled.

“We are going to resume our activities very soon. After everything we have been through, we decided to go on with even greater determination. There are no summer holidays for us”, said Mr Perović.



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