Road investment in MNE has never been greater

Počinje rekonstrukcija više puteva

According to the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Montenegro has never invested in more in road infrastructure, as the plan is to start with the construction and reconstruction of over 100 km of roads. Last year, a total of €44 million was invested in roads, and this year – €45 million.

In addition, the Transport Administration told CdM that the tender procedure for the selection of a contractor that will be performing construction works on M2 Rožaje-Špiljani road of the total length of 20 km is pending. The reconstruction works will be funded from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

There’s also another road – Pljevlja-Mihajlovica – that has been waiting for a contractor to be selected. “The European Investment Bank will provide funding for this project,” the Transport Administration stressed. The total value of the reconstruction works is €6.4 million.

This institution plans to launch tender processes for the selection of contractors for several other roads by the end of this year.

The 2019 state budget has envisaged investment in road infrastructure in the amount of €45,087,263.00.



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