Rudovic: Support to independence first – then we can discuss a candidate

URA Civic Movement’s deputy leader Nedjeljko Rudovic commented on the recent DF’s invitation to opposition parties to discuss a common presidential candidate in the elections next year. He said he hoped that DF would understand that any policy or political figure not fully committed to Montenegro’s independence could never have URA’s support.

In an interview with Dan, Rudovic said that Montenegro needed its state institutions strengthened, economy revitalised and new jobs opened. The precondition for achieving this, according to him, is to oust the wrongdoers from positions of power. However, it cannot be achieved through promoting special relations with figures such as Milorad Dodik.

“Although it often seems as an illusion, the URA Civic Movement will always strive to an agreement within the opposition on a platform that can produce democratic change. Therefore, we are advocating finding a joint presidential candidate who is able to beat the DPS candidate in an elementary regular presidential run. And that means a candidate with an undisputed credibility and who is undeniably loyal to Montenegro and its pro-Western orientation,” Rudovic noted.

He expressed the hope that DF would understand that any politics and political figure that doubts the commitment to Montenegro’s state independence is doomed to failure and can never win URA’s support.

Commenting on the relations within the opposition, bearing in mind numerous disputes and attacks, he said that everyone should be focused on a better, economically strong Montenegro based on principles of justice and rule of law.

“Since some opposition entities’ priority is to cause turmoil and thus obviously assist the power usurpers, who are openly robbing the state part by part and mocking our citizens, cooperation within the opposition has come into question,” Rudovic said.

He also warned that it became evident that traditional oppositionists were not able or willing to make changes.

“Emphasising unnecessary national and religious themes, they allow DPS to profit because the party is able to falsely present itself as defendant of Montenegrin patriotism and to deceive all those Montenegrins who have built themselves in the state restoration. However, DPS shows that it is not able to fulfil even elementary governing tasks and I believe that their traditional collaborators will not save them from the public’s assessment,” Rudovic concluded.

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