Scepanovic: Members of crime gang arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in Cetinje

Lazar Šćepanović

Police have arrested Blazo Pejovic (34), Vukan Vujacic (28) and Vlado Vulicevic (28) on suspicion of attempted murder in Cetinje. It’s suspected that on 13 September they put the bomb on ‘Toyota Ram 4’, owned by G.S. from Cetinje. Police already know them as persons of interest to security, the two are registered as being close to a crime gang, while one of them is registered as a high-ranking member for a crime gang.

In a statement sent to the media, the Acting Director of the Police Directorate, Lazar Scepanovic, says that members of the Sector for the Fight Against Crime, in collaboration with their counterparts from the Regional Security Centre ‘Centre’, and strong support of the Police Tactical Unit, searched the premises used by members of crime gangs and persons of interest to security in early hours, on seven locations in Cetinje.

According to him, this planned and synchronized action resulted in the arrest of three persons and criminal charges against them.

Mr Scepanovic pointed out that the action took place during their work on the case concerning the criminal offence – attempted murder, committed on 13 September 2023, when the bomb was placed under Toyota Rav 4, owned by G.S. from Cetinje.


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