Serbia still perceives Montenegro as ‘an internal issue’

Serbia’s still treating Montenegro as ‘an internal issue’ as it [Montenegro] has an important geopolitical significance for Serbia, says Sonja Biserko, President of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, in an interview with Pobjeda, a daily.

Relations between the two countries are not good, according to Ms Biserko.

“Belgrade doesn’t recognize the Montenegrin nation and it wants the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro back. Montenegro’s NATO membership and EU aspirations oppose to the goals of Serbia, that is, to link all the orthodox countries with Russia,” Ms Biserko added.

Moreover, Serbia’s behavior towards Montenegro reflects its old aspirations and the Marović case is not something important for Serbia.

Serbia is not ready to accept the reality of the region, which is, according to her, big blow for the region and Serbia as well.




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