Sinđelić fled from Serbia, claims asylum in MNE

Sasa Sinđelić (Foto: Screenshot)

Serbian national, Saša Aleksandar Sinđelić, a key witness in the Montenegro coup plot trial, illegally came to Montenegro yesterday, as he had been continuously receiving death threats for more than 15 days, according to Pobjeda daily.

Sinđelić reportedly told this story to the inspectors in the Rožaje Department of Security where he came exhausted and with leg injuries that he got while running through forests. Inspectors took a statement from him and he said he was forced to leave Serbia and claim asylum in Montenegro.

Saša Aleksandar Sinđelić is a key witness in the election-day coup trail against 14 people accused of terrorism on election day in 2016. After a months-long interrogation, the High Court in Podgorica accepted key testimonies of Mr Sinđelić, confirmed by the evidence from the investigation.


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